The Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud: Using Cloudflare and AWS

Hybrid cloud is a computing environment that combines multiple cloud providers in the same cloud architecture, to use the best services from each provider and achieve the best performance, security, flexibility & cost at the end.

For many projects, we designed and built a hybrid cloud is by using Cloudflare, a content delivery network (CDN) and security platform, in conjunction with AWS.

Cloudflare is known for its powerful CDN and its many security layers, like DDoS attack mitigation, bot fighting, WAF and other services.

Recently, Cloudflare provided many frontend solutions like Pages for frontend web app host and running , R2 for file/object storing and Workers for running small/micro services.

Hybrid cloud architecture using Cloudflare and aws

A simple Hybrid cloud architecture using Cloudflare and aws


We switched frontend related services to Cloudflare, which gave us improved speed and latency as Cloudflare offer the service in the nearest Geo location to users globally, not in a specific region, and serve it as Serverless which is very scalable and can handle huge number of users with high availability.

We increased the performance of backend at AWS by using multi layer cache for API requests, making it much faster in response with less cost consuming, with auto-scaling we managed to handle sudden spikes in users, like when there is a promotion campaign running, keeping the cost minimal at all time.

In summary, using Cloudflare with AWS can provide many benefits for companie, by leveraging Cloudflare's global network, security features, to improve the performance and security of their websites and applications hosted on AWS. Additionally, since Cloudflare is a network and security services provider, it can be used with other cloud providers such as Azure, GCP, and more.

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